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A graphics visualization lab funded by a generous grant from Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Last updated on May 30th, 1997
Welcome to the HP Biomedical Engineering Lab (BEL) web page. On these pages, you will find information about the aims of this advanced computer lab, the people involved, ongoing research at the lab, and technical information about the computer systems. Please feel free to look around and contact us with your comments and questions.
The BEL is a computer graphics lab devoted to biomedical engineering research. Biomedical engineering is a rapidly developing field, encompassing a large number of research areas: biomathematics, computer science, medicine, and biochemistry name only a few. The BEL supports faculty from both the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences and the School of Medicine, providing resources for biomedical curriculum development and interdepartmental research.

The HP Biomedical Engineering Lab is located in 3770 Boelter Hall. Card key access is required for this room, and the lab is currently not open for general use by students. Access is limited to faculty and staff who are interested in using the facilities for biomedical engineering research. We are encouraging the use of the lab for classes starting as of Fall 1997. If you would like to obtain access to the HP Biomedical Engineering Lab, please contact Professor Wesley Chu of the Computer Science Department. For more information on the lab, follow the links below.

New at BEL What's new at the HP BEL as of 5/30/97
Research@BEL Research occurring at the computer lab
BEL System Information on hardware, software, and system policies at the BEL

For more information on the University of California, Los Angeles and departments involved in the Hewlett Packard Biomedical Engineering Lab, please explore these sites:

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